Power flushing is an effective method of prolonging the life and improving the performance of your heating system.


Using a Kamco power flushing machine, we jet high-pressure water through your radiators in order to clear any sludge build-up caused by internal corrosion.

Unlike some other companies who just use chemicals, we use this intensive and high pressure cleaning system to ensure proper cleaning of radiators and pipework which gives far more reliable results.

Once the sludge has been cleared, we recommend installing a MagnaClean filter to help maintain the cleanliness of your system.

This clever piece of equipment works as a magnet, attracting sludge which can then be isolated and cleared away from your heating system.

Without power flushing, your radiator will become heavily clogged, and this reduces the amount of heat produced in your home.

When left in your system, sludge travels through your pump and through parts of your boiler. This not only affects its performance, but it also requires various components to be replaced much sooner than they need to be.​


If your central heating system isn’t performing as well as it used to, the power flushing service provided by HIVE could be exactly what you need. Our heating engineers can carry out power flushing on existing systems, and can also perform power flushing as per the manufacturer’s recommendations when a new boiler is being installed.



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Hive Plumbing came to replace a radiator at my house in Wanstead. I was very happy with the entire experience from the moment I contacted them until the job was completed. Very professional and knowledgeable plumber willing to go the extra mile to help a client.

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“Great, quick, and affordable service! Fixed and installed my shower good as new”

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He was quick very good at his job very professional very polite man

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