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Top Tips For Estate Agents

Top Tips for Estate Agent

A Useful tip to reduce the chances of the boiler breaking down is too:

•Educate your tenants on how the operation of the boiler provide them with the manufacturer instruction booklet and try learning how to operate the boiler.

•Ensure the tenant knows how to use a smart room thermostat correctly when they are moving in can also help lessen the load. Sometime a smart stat can go ‘wrong’ when there is an issue with the boiler and loses connection. Once the internet connection is re-established, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to connect the receiver connected to the boiler and the thermostat. Every smart thermostat has its own procedure for reconnection but there should be a green light on the receiver connected to the boiler if everything is working correctly.

•Another issue that can occur with smart thermostats is the controls running out of batteries. As the temperature control is not wired into the boiler or mains it runs on batteries and they will need replacing periodically. You will lose control of your heating if the temperature control runs out of power.

•Also an obvious one is there are occasions when tenants have called their letting agents to tell them the boiler is not working, and a heating engineer has arrived at the property to find that the switch is off, or a fuse has blown. 

At Hive Plumbing and Heating Ltd we provide regular annual services to prevent the common problems such as above which arise. It is essential to maintain a healthy condition of your appliances with regular services to ensure the longevity.

Call today today for further technical help.

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Hive Plumbing and Heating Ltd

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